Saturday, September 24, 2011

Ballycotton butterflies

Went looking for some more wildlife in Ballycotton a couple of weeks ago, since I don’t drive and am limited by bus schedules I decided to focus on the cliff walk instead of the reed bed areas, I don’t yet have the equipment to properly photograph distant waders anyway. Very few birds around but plenty of butterflies!

A dying caterpillar, seemingly attacked and cut open by another insect, probably a solitary wasp or something similar.

Wall brown butterfly

A 6 spot burnet moth, actually quite hard to photograph
Common blue butterfly

Also a common blue butterfly

A large white butterfly
Meadow brown butterfly

Small copper butterfly

Speckled wood butterfly
A rose chaffer beetle, never seen one before, very pictueresque (can't spell today)
Small tortoiseshell butterfly


  1. Wonderful collection of Butterfly shots.

  2. Hi Leon,

    That Caterpillar is a Fox Moth.
    Love the Blog,



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