Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kinsale part 2, KinSeal

As with the previous post this one is set in Kinsale. Aside from the gull frenzies I also managed to catch the end of the low tide and spot some of the regular waders. Calidris sandpipers, turnstones, curlews, lapwing, wigeon, teal and shellduck where all present. Naturally I managed to photograph very few of the above. The curlew shot is one I am less then pleased with but it is still the closest shot I have gotten to date.
Highlight of the day I think was the discovery of this seal, which like the gulls seems to hang around and feed on discarded fish. It was clearly used to humans as it was only moderately cautious and stayed within several meters of the waters edge at all times. Being in the city most of the time I often see seals in the river but they’re never willing to stick around. This made for a nice change!
Some roadside mushrooms made for a nice distraction too, no idea what they are, i'll get to identifying them eventually!


  1. Leon, the Curlew shot looks pretty good to me, you must have been able to get reasonably close? The seal shots are class. And those are "Boobie Mushrooms" - at least thats what they looked like as the picture came in line by line on my plodding offshore Interwebs connection!

  2. Boobie mushrooms, really!? Comes to show that some scientists have a sense of humour lol. Cheers for that! Curlew shot is ok but im still waiting to get one with a space behind him, the camouflage and seaweed cause loss of detail.


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