Monday, July 16, 2012

Cheeky robins / Elusive squirrels

Question, how do you photograph a soaking wet robin that randomly flies right up to your cup of coffee and steals cheese from your sandwich a mere 5 centimetres from your hand?

Answer, you don’t when your lens has a minimum focusing range of 20cm, and when your not expecting the cheeky git to steal your sandwich. You do however get some blurry shots that aren’t anywhere close to amazing, but do at the same time paint something of a picture ;) Who says you can’t bird in the rain!

By the way, a tip for amateurs like me, the forests are currently providing good views of freshly fledged jays. I found myself in the company of 5 screaming individuals in Blarney last week. Usually these guys are not so easy to see. (Still can’t get a good picture though)

Also, it seems June is a great month for spotting red squirrels. Last month gave me three random sightings, one on Fota island, one in Rostellan wood and one in Blarney. Each one was entirely random whilst I was looking for butterflies so I can only imagine how many I missed by not looking up. Seems county Cork remains one of the red squirrels ever shrinking strongholds!

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  1. Leon that cheeky Robin fella looks like he dunked himself IN the coffee - class shots under the circumstances. Interesting to hear about the Jays - been a bit of a bogey bird for me as I hear them but never get more than a flash of pink and gone!


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