Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New beginnings

Well, as some of you may know I recently had my camera equipment stolen right from my living room whilst the four residents slept in nearby bedrooms. Creepy stuff! As you might imagine this has had a bit of an effect on my picture taking. 

I choose to look on the bright side; I was in the process of outgrowing my canon 1000d camera anyway so this is a chance to upgrade. If only money fell from the sky. Anyway in the hiatus between cameras, friends have kindly lent me their equipment to continue taking snaps. Still whilst I wait to afford a new machine I see no sense in trying to run two blogs. Consequently I am dissolving my Mini-Ireland blog and recombining it with this one. I hope to be back in business soon but when that happens I will be taking a new approach to this whole blogging business. Please excuse the 5 posts I have transferred over. I still have countless unshown pictures floating around so keeping this place open should be more then possible. 

Lots of stuff to come on my Facebook page too!

I'll leave you with this recent pic of an (old world) swallowtail from Tuscany, Italy


  1. Leon sorry to hear about the camera gear being lifted, that sucks. :-(
    I'm presuming you were insured? Look forward to the future posts with the new gear when you get it.

  2. Thanks Floss, no insurance, never occured to me to get it. The next one will be tho I assure you!

  3. oh nasty, sorry to hear you had your gear nicked, and it wasn't insured. Your shots were excellent with that camera so if you're upgrading I'm expecting non stop showstoppers :o)


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