Sunday, September 9, 2012

Back in business

I am finally back in business. I managed to get a new canon 1100D. It’s not a huge leap from my last cam - still a beginner’s model, but for the mean time it is more than adequate. More saving is required to get a second hand zoom lens as the 200mm I’m using is not quite the best at getting distant birds ;). Insects however I can quite easily get and I have started using my cheap but handy diopter filter again to get some close-ups of this year’s final odonates and butterflies. Anyway, a few of my new shots.

The peacock butterfly is stunning at the best of times, but these current newborn individuals have an extra vibrancy to them that’s quite noticeable.
Red admirals are so approachable that it really should be much easier to get a good shot of them. Maybe it’s their large size or the fact that the orange colour always manages to look like the white balance is wrong, or their tendency to sit on swaying branches, but I really struggle to capture these guys. Lovely insect tho
Busy probing
Meadow brown I think. I was surprised to find this species within walking distance of my house. Not an amazing looking butterfly in flight but quite nice looking when it sits still.
Common darter. Focusing on the wings fast enough is something I have yet to master so I focused on the eyes instead. This species is usually a lot more colourful. Yellow bands on the legs and yellow sides distinguish this dragonfly from the closely related ruddy and black darters.
A lot easier to get them in focus from this angle. Darters are odd, sometimes they are flighty, sometimes they pose quite happily and other times they almost look to be attacking me in an attempt to protect their territories.
A spider, these arachnids often sit in shadows and using flash on them often gives surprising detail, they also don’t seem to overexpose as much with the flash on as other bugs.

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