Thursday, November 8, 2012


Thought I’d open my gulling season with this ring billed gull that appeared the last week at the cork docks marina some 100m from the bus station. He seems to have arrived earlier then the other regular rings. There aren’t even that many common gulls around yet. The same can not be said of the black headed gulls which have gathered in their thousands. Anyway, I name this fellow Otto as he tends to frequent the same area as the local otters.

Some species I would like to find or photograph better this winter

  • Bewick’s swan 
  • Scaup 
  • Wigeon (just can’t seem to get close enough) 
  • Any goose species (except brent) 
  • Any diver/loon 
  • A jay (dear god just stop screaming and flying away, I swear I am friendly) 
  • Brambling 
  • Sabine’s gull 
  • Glaucous gull 
  • Little gull 
  • Bonaparte’s gull 
  • Yellow legged gull (if I ever figure out how to identify one in the field) 

One of them is bound to be possible, right!? ;)

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