Sunday, April 8, 2012

Lazy teals

A number of weeks ago I took a trip down to Kinsale in the hopes of tracking down some white winged gulls, preferably a glaucous gull which despite a number of efforts I still have never managed to see. Naturally I did not find so much as an Iceland gull. Still, with spring in the air I find that there is more than enough nature around to keep me amused. Flowers in the hedgerows and finches in the air made for a nice morning out! What I did find was this pair of teal in the wetlands outside the town. Unusually for this species these two didn’t seem too bothered by my presence and didn’t take to the air when I came to within ten meters. Lazy teals! This is the closest I have managed to get to these ducks, love the colourful head on the male and that one bright panel on the female’s wing. Very entertaining ducks, they are related to wigeons, mallards and shovelers, which makes them dabbling ducks of the genus Anas.

More blogs to come, college work and other things have kept me from blogging lately, but certainly haven’t deterred me from taking photos. Over 200 shots are waiting to be sorted, so plenty of blogs to come :-)

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