Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brent from Ballycotton

About a month ago I took a trip down to Ballycotton. Mostly I wanted to see what bumblebees and butterflies I could find so early in the season. It’s amazing to see the shift in wildlife in this small town. All the exotic gulls gone with a pier covered largely in mewing herring gulls interrupted by the occasional great black backed gull. Anyway the cliffs have once again become noteworthy with the peregrines the ravens, the choughs and the pipits all busy doing what they do best. This chough on a post posed quite nicely.

The two ravens near the cliffs however did not, as the pics didn’t work out so well I turned them into silhouette style images instead which still somewhat shows off the birds features. Great birds as always.

Highlight of my day though was the brent geese still present down by the beach, on my stroll along the surf most waddled off lazily to avoid me but one individual stayed. Apparently he just didn’t want to bother, or perhaps he had simply become used to the dog walkers on the beach and no longer care when humans approached him. Whatever the case, he posed for some pictures before I left him alone to return to his eating. I also saw quite a few shelduck that day but they where too flighty to get a good shot.


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