Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The gullmination of spring

As part of my massive backlog of late winter an early spring pictures I thought I’d get it over with and give you the remainder of my gull pictures. I particularly enjoyed the encounter with 2 ring billed gulls at Atlantic pond on March 1. One of these had changed into its brilliant white summer plumage, where the streaking on its head had entirely disappeared. Unfortunately this ‘tuxedo’d’ gull only landed for about ten seconds so they aren’t my best ring billed shots. See if you can tell the two ring bills apart ;)

My attempts to capture summer plumage black headed gulls before their departure from the city.

Guess this common gull might be trying to go for the summer look too.

Some great black backed gulls not too long ago in Kinsale. A great spot for them, at all ages. I’d imagine that this place may be the best spot for me to get the hang of aging great black backed gulls and herring gulls.

Rather liked this adult herring gull and a non adult herring (I think).

Not the most exciting post maybe, but it’s a little hard to take pictures lately as rain seems to be a near constant right now.

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