Monday, November 14, 2011

Gadwalls, Turnstones & Hawkers

My first Gadwall in Cobh! What a great looking little duck. It’s a relative (same genus) of the common mallard but only visits here as a winter visitor. This one was communing with the local mallards in Cuskinny Marsh.
It’s been an eventful couple of weeks lacking in the time to write blog entries unfortunately, none the less I have had a couple of eventful birding trips out in Kinsale, Douglas estuary, Cobh and inch beach in Co.Kerry. I’m missing the jpegs for most of these trips at the moment but that will change in coming days! The photos I do currently have are from my Cobh trip (over a month ago L)

Also that day in Cobh a group of turnstones (about 30) took refuge during the high tide on one of the piers and gave some rare (if not spectacularly photogenic) views of them sitting on boats and on the nearby pier.

Some shots of the local wildlife, rats count as wildlife too! ;)

Found a lot of these migrant hawkers dragonflies too and a couple of darters (not pictured). Presumably it’s about as late in the year as you’re going to find dragonflies in Ireland!
And some more shots of the Gadwall, not a first time bird for most people I’m sure but definitely an unexpected sight for me!

Next week on Leon’s blog, a purple sandpiper that thinks it’s a turnstone, some dodgy shots of brent geese and my first good shots of a seal!

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