Sunday, November 27, 2011

Rochestown birding

Decided to scout the area near my girlfriend’s house last week, that being the Douglas estuary/Rochestown region. As it turns out there’s some nice pathways in and around this bay. First things first, if you know anything about birds you can probably see the humour in this local birdlife sign. You’d think the identical grebe species would tip them off for starters. 

Seems like the energy I expended on chasing red admiral butterflies at the start of their flying season may have been a little unnecessary. They are currently everywhere it seems. 

The usual mudflat birds where present, such as these black tailed godwits. I have grown quite fond of these waders since they are far less shy then other bay birds like wigeons and curlews.

Also spotted this rather nice pipit, meadow pipit I presume!

My catch of the day however was the sighting of purple sandpipers. Yet another first for me, yay. The individual below was hanging out with a group of 20 or so turnstones along the shingle shore.

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  1. Great record of purple sand in cork harb. Very scarce there

    Mark shorten


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