Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Kayleigh's Sanctuary for Exotic Pets

Something different today only. Introducing my girlfriend’s impressive array of rescued animals! She runs a Sanctuary for exotic pets that have been rescued or are otherwise in need of temporary care. Here’s the link, worth a look!

Anyway, here are some of the current creatures.

Western hognose snake
This is one of the live in pets, Minilot, a lovely snake indeed, quite pleasant to handle. 

Albino Honduran milksnake
The other live in snake
Cunningham's Skink
These are the two live in pet skinks, not too friendly but quite a lot of fun to watch going about their day.

Map turtle
This is a North American terrapin species. She has recently been rehomed.

Yellow bellied slider terrapin
One of the terrapins living in the sanctuary. These guys by the way make for terrible pets, usually folks buy them when they are tiny and aren’t told how big they grow (upto 13 inches). As a direct consequence thousands of these poor creatures are released into Ireland’s lakes and rivers where they struggle to survive. 

Bearded dragon
The latest bearded dragon to arrive in the sanctuary, this one is suffering from metabolic bone disease which causes some of its bones to develop incorrectly. 

Carolina corn snake
This is one of the latest visitors, a corn snake that enjoys scowling at people.

Leopard gecko
This Gecko, called Anubis can be quite entertaining chasing its prey, nice little creature!
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